Easy Care, Long Lasting Eco-Friendly Mats & Runners
Note:  If you are looking for the manufacturer of Mad Mats (Mariachi Imports) and landed on our page - please use this link to their page.  www.madmats.com  

MAD(e) does MATTER

You purchase a patio mat and it only lasts for 6 weeks and then it falls apart.
You feel guilty because you used so many water bottles on your last holiday.
Your aging dog got sick and left a nasty stain on your floor that you can't remove.

Time. Money. Energy. All wasted.

You get mad and think that there must be a better way.

This is what happened to us.
So we searched and tested products that we could feel good about buying.
Some were so good, that we decided to share.

MadMats by Mariachi Imports are a favourite. 
They are handwoven on a loom and made from recycled water bottles. Customers tell us over and over again how easily these mats clean and how long they last. Fur from our 3 pups doesn't stick! No more getting down on my hands and knees with rubber gloves trying to make my old rubber mats look presentable! Yippee! That saves so much time and energy.
These mats are reversible and equally beautiful on both sides. They are so light that you can just roll them up and take them to the beach or camping or put them away for the season. When you bring them back, a little shake or a spray with the garden hose and presto-bango, they look shiny and clean again.

Customers showed us how much they loved these and asked us to provide shipping. Done.

Customers asked for some small indoor rugs, so we found Jellybean Accent Mats. People buy Jellybeans because they're cute. Super cute. Lots of great designs done by various talented artists. People love Jellybeans because they wash so well and don't slide around your floor. Jellybeans also have a high recycled content (between 35% and 85% of their content comes from recycled water bottles). This strong polyester fibre keeps these mats both tough and lightweight so they dry quickly and keep their strength and beauty wash after wash.

You may have seem some infomercials or trade show demos for a mat that when you step on it a few times and then step on a piece of clean white paper right after, your shoes are so clean and dry that they don't mark the paper. Well, it's true. Various versions of the low pile "Amazing Mat", "Miracle Mat and so on are available all over the globe. We have 6 of them that we bought from the Shopping Channel almost 10 years ago and they are still going strong.

Once again, we research and sourced the best version of these: Muddle Mats. Our Muddle Mats are available in 3 sizes and 4 four colours. They hold 4x their weight in water, machine wash beautifully, have a nice low pile of cotton and microfibre to clean your shoe bottoms and pet paws and still fit under most doors. The two features that make our Muddle Mats tower above all of the others are: the skid-proof waffle backing - this makes them safer than mats with smooth, slippery backs; and their 100% recycled content

Our plush Hug Rugs are a prettier, high end version of Muddle Mats. Hug Rugs are thick and soft and come in all kinds of beautiful designs and colours. They are machine washable, recycled, and have the same waffled skid proof backing to keep them safely in place. Hug Rugs light up any area of the house where you need a hardworking designer mat: kitchen, bathroom, entryway, poolside, laundry room, hot rub, pet areas, front door (if your door is very tight to the floor, you may need to opt for a Muddle Mat). 
And if you don't believe us... you can have faith in their manufacturer's 5 YEAR GUARANTEE!!!

Float Rope. It seemed like a great idea to make life easier for lobster and crab fishers. Sadly, it proved dangerous to sea life and has since been banned for use in the fishing industry. Now it's found in colourful piles in coastal landfills. So... creative environmentalists like our friend Trent from "Waste Not, Want Not" have staked their reclaim. Trent has designed and handwoven some beautiful outdoor Door Mats from this almost indestructible rope for us. We can't wait to show these to you!

You work hard for your money. Why not invest in products that work hard for you, last a long time and create less waste?

We are always looking for useful products and solutions we can trust. If you know of some good ones... we're listening.